Workshop on cooperation of authorities and business community in the city planning.

Taking into account a great interest to the event in the local community, the project had it in the format of the conference “Re-development – alternative development of industrial territories and objects of the cultural and historical heritage in Kaliningrad which was held on 9 August 2016 года.
The conference was organized jointly with the Committee of architecture and construction of the Kaliningrad municipality


and Corporation of Kaliningrad region development. Over 100 participants represented authorities of the municipal and regional levels, universities, financial institutions, developing companies, NGOs and citizens’ organisations, mass media, and businesses. Both Russian and international experiences of redevelopment of industrial areas were presented at the conference (Malmo in Sweden, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of Russia).
The local speakers presented industrial zones and objects located in the city centre and having a cultural and historical importance for the tourist attraction and which could serve as public spaces in the city (port zone, Mill plant, Ponart brewery, Meat production facility, territory of railway near the river etc.). Participants could discuss and preliminary outline the road map for the revitalization of industrial zones with an active participation of the citizens, architects, planning authorities and businesses. The conference revealed that the stakeholders are very much interested in such activities.

The conference contributed to the development and networking of all interested parties and organisations involved in the planning process in Kaliningrad (authorities, business, citizens, universities etc.), as well as to the formation of the expert community (architects, developers, market experts, sociologists etc.) not only from Kaliningrad but also from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Nordic countries.


The conference participants proposed and discussed concrete industrial areas and objects in the central part of the city for further redevelopment and revitalization. A very important dialogue has been started between authorities, business community and citizens aimed at a more effective and sustainable urban planning in the Kaliningrad region, and an interest to the continuation of this dialogue has been confirmed by all stakeholders. Participants also proposed and discussed a setting up of a Laboratory of Urban studies on the basis of one of the Kaliningrad universities. Creation of concrete public spaces were proposed for further elaboration (places for sport activities on the river and lakes within the city boundary, arrangement of swimming placed for citizens in the waterfronts, revitalization of cultural and historical objects in Gurievsk and other municipalities, etc).
Natalia Khalyuk
Project coordinator

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