Public participation in urban planning and development

The project is based on the previous cooperation between Russian and Nordic municipalities in the Kaliningrad region funded by the NCM. The target group includes the regional and local planning authorities, architectural companies, businesses, NGOs with a special focus on people with limited possibilities, mass media, formal and informal groups of citizens and social media. The project is aimed at enhancing a more active involvement of citizens into the urban planning and development as well as preserving cultural and historical heritage in the municipalities. These activities will also raise the responsibility of citizens for a more comfortable and healthy urban environment and development of their region and communes. The project aims and targets will be reached by study visits to Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland) and a series of workshop and trainings on a better dialogue between authorities, businesses and civil society actors including universities and colleges. The project will elaborate and test concrete platforms based on municipal libraries, museums, cultural centres etc. for the events on the urban planning discussion with public participation involvement. The Nordic experts and specialists will share their experiences and best practices with the counterparts from the Kaliningrad region and other North-West Russian regions (Leningrad oblast, Pskov, Murmansk, Karelia and Archangelsk) who will participate in the key project events. The project results and products will be presented at the project final conference and disseminated via active involvement of local mass media, project partners’ websites and social media.

Project period: February 2016 – August 2017

Project coordinator: Natalia Khalyuk (, tel: +74012 965376, mob. +79097938009)