Energy Efficiency and Cleantech in North-West Russia

The project is based on the previous energy cooperation with North-West Russia funded by the NCM. The target group includes the municipal energy companies, energy efficiency centres, SMEs, business associations, trade and commerce chambers, universities and colleges, cluster support centres, Innovation and Techno Parks and NGOs.

The project is aimed at the development and promotion of a network of cleantech business support organisations and companies in North-West Russia and throughout the Baltic Sea region by exchange of knowledge, competences, innovations and best practices on clean technologies in the following areas of use: energy efficiency and energy saving, smart city/smart grids; green building/green construction; IT for cleantech; clean production processes in urban and rural environments. The project aims and targets will be reached by study visits to Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway and Finland) and a series of round tables, seminars and trainings in the Kaliningrad region on energy efficient solutions and cleantech. The Nordic experts and specialists will share their experiences and best practices with the counterparts from the Kaliningrad region and other North-West Russian regions (Leningrad oblast, Saint-Petersburg, Murmansk, Karelia and Archangelsk) who will participate in the key project events. The project will contribute to a better collaboration of business and universities of North-West Russia as well as with companies and universities in Nordic countries and in the BSR by the establishment of new business partnerships in cleantech areas. At least three business plans for organisation and implementation of mutually beneficial projects will be elaborated and financial solutions will be prepared. The concept of the Kaliningrad Regional Cleantech Centre will be developed based on the best Nordic and North-West Russia practice. The project results and products will be presented at the project final conference and disseminated via active involvement of local mass media, website of Centre of Services Taurus, project partners’ websites and social media.

Project’s timespan: February 2016 – February 2017